Saudi Arabia has witnessed the evolution of a truly stunning in the various fields and that in the grace of God and a serious pursuit of our leader and our king, may God protect him.


And specifically the construction sector and urban development has seen a distinctive kind of evolution less what is described as a boom in everything related to this field, and all that thanks to careful planning and follow-up oustanding and orderly work. 


Due to this , we have been keen to be part of a rode this progress and the grace of God, we have established our company this to be one of the institutions that serve this field.

And a sincere desire to be our imprint and entity in the sector, we keen to be the starting a strong , we were attracting technical staff and engineering and technical workers recognized them in this field and with great expertise in urbanism sector in the Kingdom and provide all the equipment and the mechanisms required to accomplish tasks and Business speed ,accuracy, and efficiency , that in the will of God a Qualify us to occupy a special position in the world of building and construction.


God bless that which is good

General manager
  Abdul Rahman Hamid Al-Sahli

Our clients

Ministry of Water Electricity
saudi industrial property authority
The naval forces
Ahli Bank

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